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Thuya - Vegan Regenerating Cream

Thuya - Vegan Regenerating Cream

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What’s it for? 

Brow lamination 


How long does the treatment last? 

8-12 weeks 


Product highlights: 

  • This solution is step 3 of Thuya Brow lamination system 

  • This seals the final effect from first and second steps restores moisture back into the brows & skin 

  • Argan oil & vitamin E help strengthen hairs 

  • Solid oil - once warmed on the back of hand/glove it is easy to apply onto brows. The thicker consistency of this oil makes it much easier to style the brows 

  • Tell your clients at the end of your lamination to leave solution on for a further 24 hours will ensure the product restores the moisture back into the hair & skin 

  • This is also a great aftercare for your clients. You can sell it to retail to your clients, and at Velt we use it on our maintenance appointments after a brow wax & tint or hybrid dye.



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