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InLei - ONLY silicone shields (Dolly effect 4 sizes)

InLei - ONLY silicone shields (Dolly effect 4 sizes)

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What’s it for? 

Silicone rods for lash lifting


How long do they last? 

It is advisable to wash them very well after immediately removing them from eye, in order to keep them clear of tint & product for as long as possible.  

At Velt, we use our rods for up to 60-100 uses.  


Product highlights: 

  • Set of mix Dolly effect curl  

  • Within this set you will find a variety of rods to curl eyelashes with a natural and neat effect.  

  • 4 Pairs various sizes S, M L, XL (specific for right and left eye) 

  • Platinum silicone one of a kind 

  • Sizes for an impeccable curvature from the inside eye to the outside. 

  • Rods can be applied to the eyelids without the use of fixing gel 




For professional use only.  

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