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InLei - Mousse Magica

InLei - Mousse Magica

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What’s it for?

Use after Lash Filler 3, to clean all dye and glue residue from the lashes



How long does the product last?

36 months from production

Does not have a PAO 


Product highlights:

-       Professional shampoo for eyelashes & brows

-       Does not affect the thickening treatment or the curl

-       A soft & creamy foam consistency

-       Mousse magica has the ability to remove treatment residue without affecting the structure of the hair

-       Has betaine, derived from sugar cane to strengthen the cuticular layer of of the kerainocytes and improves the alignment of the hair fibers

-       Enriched with quinoa protecting, strengthening & increasing the hold of colour pigments giving that elasticity and shine!



For professional use only.

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