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InLei - Forma universal eyelash curlers

InLei - Forma universal eyelash curlers

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What’s it for? 

Rods for eyelash lifting


How long do they last? 

It is advisable to wash them very well after immediately removing them from eye, in order to keep them clear of tint & product for as long as possible.  

At Velt, we use our rods for up to 60-100 uses. 


Product highlights: 

- Cross between Only and Only 1 curl rods. (natural curl and perfect curl)   

- The side that comes in contact with the eyelid is shiny for a greater adherence. 

- The external surface has two different finishes for you to experiment with. 

- Each box contains two pairs of curlers with a glossy surface and two pairs with a matte surface.  

- Right side of the curler is differentiated from left, its crease free shape helps with working the lashes from shortest to the longest. Giving you a curvature that varies according to the length of the staring lashes.  

- Allowing you to correct many defects 



For professional use only.  

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