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InLei - Fix 2, 4ml (New Packaging)

InLei - Fix 2, 4ml (New Packaging)

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This formula is the same as the original fix 2, this is the new packaging to align with Inlei's new lash filler 25.9 system


What’s it for?

Lash Lifting


How long does the treatment last?

8-10 weeks


Product highlights:

-       Step 2 “Fixes” the lashes to the curvature of the hair following the shape of the rod you have chosen to use

-       Prepares texture of eyelashes for next step

-       Packaging is designed to not allow waste of products. The closure of a screw bottle ensures you that the product will be well sealed and protected from external agents.

-       Up to 35 treatments in bottle



For professional use only.

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