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Bronsun Brow Lift #1

Bronsun Brow Lift #1

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What’s it for? 

Brow lamination 


How long does the treatment last? 

8-10 weeks 


How many treatments in a bottle: 

Up to 50 treatments in a bottle  


Product highlights: 

- This product is step 1 Bronsun brow lamination system 

- Based on cysteamine instead of TGA (for a much more gentle and nourishing results)

- Softens hairs to be shapes into desired position 

- Pump bottle for easy use 



- Thin porous hairs: 2-4 mins 

- Medium thickness hairs: 4-6 mins 

- Coarse, dense, thick hairs: 5-15mins 



For professional use only. 

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